Four Valuable Habits You Can Develop To Overcome Worry

My worry habit has often interfered with my productivity – as well as my quality of life.

In today’s world, it’s easy to become anxious and worried about the future.  For many people, it can become a major distraction and problem.

The three ideas I’m writing about in today’s post are ones that I’ve learned through “trial and error.”

I’m sure that today’s tips aren’t unique to me.  The main purpose is to give you a few practical ideas that will actually help you address your worry or anxiety habit effectively.  Hopefully, you will be encouraged and inspired as you read and follow these strategies.

When you are tempted to worry, keep bringing yourself back to the present moment

This can be a bit difficult tip to follow, but it’s well worth the effort.

When you think about it, life is truly a collection of the way in which you spend each moment.

If you spend your moments regretting the past, or fearing the future, you have lost the opportunity that you’ve been given- and that opportunity is this present moment in time.

In my online research for this post, I read a great quote from Brian Weiss on this topic of worry:

Worrying is worthless.  When you stop focusing on what has already happened and what may never happen, then you’ll be in the present moment.  Then you’ll begin to experience joy in life.

As I finished typing out this quote, I’m beginning to realize that I need this advice as much as anyone else.

Remember that Most of Your Fears have no Rational Basis

Think back to things that you previously worried about.  How many of these previous worries actually happened to you?

I had read somewhere that research has indicated that only 8 percent of the things we worry about are actually legitimate.  

That makes 92 percent of our worries not worth even thinking about.

It really shows us how futile it is to become anxious about the future, or get “caught up” in past events that we can’t even change.

The quality of your life is reflected in the way you think.

If you think about past events that you can’t even change, you ended up using a lot of mental energy on something you can’t even re-do or “un-do.”

In my own life, I have really started to see the futility of worry.  It changes nothing in my circumstances, and adds to my stress level, wears me out physically and mentally, and I end up feeling exhausted, confused, and discouraged about the future.

When you begin to worry, reflect on the consequences of “giving in” to the negative thoughts that you’re battling with.  A good place to start might be the last paragraph I wrote.

I think I will refer back to it when I am tempted to worry about the future.

Be Careful About What You Choose to Allow Into Your Mind

A few months ago, I was able to review an excellent audio I received through an email subscription.

The audio featured Brian Tracy.  If you get the chance to access one of his products, I highly recommend them.  I have a few of his books and resources, and have found them to be motivating, encouraging, and inspirational.

In one of his audios, Tracy talked about the importance of what we allow into our minds.

He spoke about how the things that you allow into your mind should be consistent with the things you want, and with the kind of person you want to be.

The habit of worry doesn’t fit either category.

For instance, I would safely bet that you don’t really want to experience the things that you worry about.

Secondly, when you allow yourself to become anxious about your future, you are not becoming the kind of person that you truly want to be.

In many ways, we become powerless, distracted, confused, agitated, impatient, and discouraged.  Are these the types of characteristics that you would want to have in your life?

I think I could safely say that your answer would be a definite “no”!

Begin to visualize a better future for yourself – one in which you are setting goals that inspire and captivate you.  Allow only those thoughts, images, words and ideas into your mind that inspire you, encourage you, and lead you closer to your dreams in life.

Put Your Personal Faith into Practice

You may have a set of your own spiritual beliefs.

If you do, why not put your faith into practice?

If you don’t have any type of spiritual beliefs, that is, of course, your own personal choice.

You also have the choice about the thoughts and ideas you will entertain.

Will your life be characterized by fear or faith?  Even if you don’t have any particular set of spiritual beliefs, take a moment to consider the power of exercising faith in your abilities to succeed, create a better life for yourself, and overcome the worry habit.

I think it was Henry Ford who once said “If you believe that you can’t, you can’t.”

Your life truly is what you make of it.  The quality of your life is definitely affected by the quality of your thought life.  My hope is that today’s post has given you some practical ideas to truly overcome the habit of worry.

All the best to you as you pursue your goals and dreams in life.

I like the quote from the image below, which says “Anything is possible when you stop believing it is impossible.  Life doesn’t provide warranties and guarantees, it only provides possibilities and opportunities for those who dare to make the best use of it.”

Until my next post, have a great day.

possibility Four Valuable Habits You Can Develop To Overcome Worry

Strengthen Your Determination to Overcome Depression

When you are faced with a challenge, obstacle, or difficulty, what is your typical response?

Do you tend to get intimidated by it and become easily discouraged?  Or do you decide to face it with the determination that says “I’m going to face it and get through it?”

Unfortunately, I chose the first option rather than the second one I just mentioned.  We all need a bit of encouragement to keep going (and become more persistent in life), to dream and of course, to never give up on our goals.

In today’s post, I’d like to encourage you to take action with any battle you have with things like depression or discouragement.  These ideas are ones which I (once again) learned through my own challenges and problems.

It’s odd how we often learn many things through “trial and error.”  I’ve had my share of both in my own life.

Let’s think about four reasons why we need to strengthen our determination to overcome our difficulties and problems.

My hope is that you will find these ideas valuable, inspiring, and encouraging.

Life goes by too quickly

Years ago, I became interested in personal development.  At the same time, I think I’ve had my own battles with depression and with generalized anxiety, as far as I can tell from what I read.

It’s been an interesting combination.  On the one hand, I would read about great ideas from many of the top personal development experts and mentors we have today.  On the other hand, I would just give my own type of “passing grade” to what I learned.

I would acknowledge that the ideas I was learning were great.

However, I wouldn’t take the time to apply what I learned.

Time seems to really move forward quickly.  Days can turn into weeks.  The weeks can turn quickly to months, and before you know it, another year has passed by.

I’m discovering more and more that I need to apply what I learn.  With this blog, I don’t claim to have all the answers.

If you’re battling with any type of challenge in life (such as depression or anxiety) or any major important goal (such as getting better and improving the quality of your life), why not take action today?

You will Experience a Few Setbacks in Your Attempt at Life Improvement

This should be an obvious reason to develop persistence.

Many times, I think we tend to believe that any attempt at life improvement should be “smooth sailing.”  We become unrealistic and when we fail to meet the expectations we have of ourselves.

In my own attempts at life improvement, I have often berated myself for not “measuring up” to some impossible standard or expectation I had.

I’ve had a few success stories.  In addition, I’ve had my own share of setbacks, failures, and mistakes in life.

I had to learn about the value of persistence and determination.  I’m sure that you needed this lesson on many occasions in your own life.

It definitely applies to any major goal you have.  When your objective is life improvement, take small steps, experience a few successes, and learn from your setbacks.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever read about success and failure was from Winston Churchill:

Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

This quote from Churchill encourages me, and helps me view the events of my life more realistically.  Hopefully, this is a valuable idea for you as well.

Life can be Difficult- Events happen beyond our Control

This is another good reason to become more persistent and determined.

During a previous job loss, I gave in to the despair and sadness over this unexpected change.

I liked the place where I worked, and enjoyed the job-sharing duties I had with my co-worker.  The company closed down.  I also liked the owner.  It was a sad time for me.

Instead of moving forward, I faced the future with fear and despair.  Looking back at this experience, I wish I had made the choice to move forward and not give in to the despair.

When I joined a job search support group, things began to change for me.  I began to recognize that I had skills, talents, and abilities.

When you experience setbacks in life, you face a critical choice.  Will you give in to the despair, tempted to believe that there is no hope for life improvement?  Or will you make the resolution to learn from your past, and move forward?

The Quality of Your Life is Well Worth the Effort

These days, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of physical fitness.  That is a good thing.

How much importance do you place on your mental and emotional well-being?

It’s a question worth considering.

In the past, I often have neglected this very important part of my life.  It’s easy to become busy, overwhelmed, and stressed out.

If you battle with depression or discouragement, are you doing anything about it, or are you just accepting things as they are?

I’d like to encourage you to take some time each day to work through any emotional challenges you face in life.  The help may be in the form or a book, an audio program, a counsellor, or with someone who can provide you with some type of spiritual help.

The quality of your life is well worth the effort.  The value of your well-being is immeasurable.

My hope is that this post gives you solid and practical reasons to become more determined to overcome any depression or discouragement you are battling.

I like the quote in the image below from William Arthur Ward, which says “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

Until my next post, have a great day.

the realist Strengthen Your Determination to Overcome Depression

Improve The Quality of Your Life As You Conquer Anxiety

I would rather not admit to anyone that I’ve had battles with anxiety in my life.

Then I ask myself “What purpose would that serve?”

Admitting that we have problems or issues with negative emotions isn’t a sign of weakness.  I believe it to be a sign of strength.

The good news is that we can conquer things like anxiety, but only if we first admit that it’s an emotion that we battle with.

In today’s post, I’d like to provide you with a few powerful benefits of facing this issue. I think we all face fear on many levels.  Fear is part of life.

The website named has a very helpful distinction between fear and anxiety.  They note that anxiety is a “response to an unknown threat”, while fear is a “response to a known threat.”  Their article is called “What’s the Difference Between Fear and Anxiety?”  You can read the short article by clicking here.

With today’s post, I’d like to encourage you to address any issues that you face with anxiety.  My hope is that these benefits will give you a few reasons to address this negative emotion.

You will Recognize that You Are Not Alone in Your Struggle with Fear or Anxiety

When we struggle with any type of negative emotion, it’s natural to feel alone in a battle with the feelings that are associated with it.

For instance, when we experience things like disappointment or discouragement, it’s common to feel alone and that “no one can understand what I’m going through.”

The reality is that there are many others who struggle in one way or another with different types of negative emotions (such as anxiety).

You will Discover that People who have Struggled with Anxiety Can Provide Excellent Support, Help, and Advice

I have purchased and used a few programs that are helping me deal with the mild form of generalized anxiety that I face.  I’m beginning to recognize that I’m not alone with the challenges that I have with this emotion, and it encourages me as I’m relating to other people who have “been there” and who have experienced tremendous improvements in their lives.  They didn’t give up.

These people encourage me to never give up as I learn about the struggles, challenges and new strength others have discovered.

When we feel alone, the battle is that much more difficult. When we begin to recognize that others have faced and have overcome debilitating emotions, it gives us the strength to make the positive changes we wish to make.

You Will Discover the Benefits of Having an Open Mind

One of my biggest mistakes in life has been thinking that “nothing will work.”

I have often been tempted to think that “nothing will help” in any difficulty I was facing. For me, I often took a negative view towards my problems and life in general.

In the past few years, I have started to change my views about that. I began to learn and experience a level of personal growth.

I admit that I have a long way to go and that I’m far from perfect.  My life is improving, though

When you decide to confront and conquer a major hindrance in your life (such as anxiety), you will gain a measure of strength and courage that you never even knew that you had.

Keep an open mind with new ideas and strategies.  Many of them might work for you.

Years ago, I wish I had been more receptive and had more of an “open mind” with the new things I was learning.  I often wonder how much further ahead I would be today.

I’d like to encourage you to not make the same mistake I had made.  Open your mind to new ideas.  Of course, you need to test and not accept everything.

The quality of your life is well worth the effort.

You can Chart a New Direction for Your Life

If you make the wise decision to confront any issues you have with anxiety, you will discover that you don’t have to live your life as a victim of your past, or feel imprisoned by the way you feel today.

When I started to take action on the valuable things I learned, I discovered that I don’t need to live my life by “default.”

Once I began to set new goals, and develop some type of plan for improvement, I began to see positive changes in my life.

Personal change is not an easy process, but it’s worth the time and effort.  If you don’t begin to address any issues that you have with anxiety, how can you possibly expect your life to improve or get any better?

As I wrote the last sentence, I recognize that it’s one that I also needed to hear.  One of the biggest temptations in life is to become complacent, and not bother taking action until “someday” or “tomorrow.”

I’d like to encourage you to invest in your own mental and emotional well-being, starting today.  Each day is a new opportunity for growth.  My hope is that this post encourages you to make the most of it!

All the best to you as you take new steps to conquer anxiety and improve the quality of your life.

I like the quote from Frank Herbert in the image below, which says “Without change, something sleeps inside of us, and seldom awakens.  The sleeper must awaken.”

Until my next post, have a great day.

personal change Improve The Quality of Your Life As You Conquer Anxiety

Face Your Disappointments With Courage and Determination

How do you face disappointments in life?

It’s a question worth considering.  Unfortunately, I haven’t dealt with my own setbacks or disappointments in a good way.

It’s easy and natural to ask ourselves “Why me?” or “Why does this always happen to me?”

In today’s post, I hope to encourage you with three benefits of developing greater courage and determination.

As I wrote down these benefits, I felt encouraged.  My hope is that these ideas will encourage you as well.

You Will Be Able to Move Forward and Make Progress in Your Life

When you make the choice to face your disappointments with courage and determination, great things will happen in your life.

Instead of wallowing in regret or self-pity, you’ll be able to move forward as you forgive yourself for your past mistakes or failures.

And instead of focusing on how much you have been hurt by someone else, you’ll also be able to move forward as you make the conscious choice to forgive them.  Only then can you make the progress that you desire to make with your goals and dreams.

Forgiving yourself and others is a difficult thing to do.  It’s something that I haven’t mastered myself.  But it is a necessary step.  To me, it’s a critical step to overcome depression and discouragement.

Life is too short to get caught up in the past.  How much time on this earth does each of us have to accomplish your goals and dreams?  We really don’t know.

Make the most of each present moment that you’re given.

Disappointments in life are inevitable.  How you choose to react to them is your choice.

You Will Recognize That You are More Capable than You Believe You Are

What are your strengths and abilities?  What are you truly capable of doing or achieving with your life?

You might be able to give me a partial list to answer the first question.  For the second question, you truly do not know.

Years ago, I accomplished my goal of getting my business degree.  It was a great achievement, but one that I recognize couldn’t have happened without the support of my family, friends, classmates and instructors.

As I am adding content to this blog, I have learned a lot.  These posts apply as much to me as to anybody else.  My posts discuss the things I’ve learned from others, and especially through my own “trial and error.”

With this blog, I have had some technical challenges, but I’ve been able to get the help I needed.  I have had to overcome some of my own mistakes as I learn.

Sometimes we need to discover that we are stronger, more capable, and more resilient than we believe we are.

I would like to encourage you in whatever disappointment or challenge you are facing.

What if you decided to give yourself the chance – to learn some valuable lessons from your difficulties, to step out and try again, and then give yourself the chance to succeed?

I would be willing to bet that you will discover that you are stronger and more capable than you believe that you are.

Here’s a great quote from Abraham Lincoln:

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.

Will you give yourself the chance to succeed?  Once again, the choice is yours.  What will be your response?

When You Face Life with Courage and Determination, You Can Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Developing the courage to face disappointments, heartaches, and challenges isn’t an easy task.

We all need courage to face our fears, step outside of our comfort zone to achieve our goals in life.

During a previous blog post, I found a good image online that describes life when we remain or “stay inside” of our comfort zone.  Here is a link to the image:

The comfort zone image

If you take a few moments to look at this image, you’ll notice 9 descriptive words, feelings, or phrases that you may often experience when you accept your perceived limitations and remain within your comfort zone:

  • 90% of the population
  • Mediocre Life
  • Just Survival
  • Fear
  • Tired
  • Depression 
  • Settling
  • Average 
  • What if I Can’t

In contrast, the image has 12 descriptive words and phrases that could characterize your life (when we take action outside of your comfort zone):

  • Fearless
  • Excitement
  • Success
  • Financial Freedom
  • Wealth
  • Dreams
  • Belief
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • What if I CAN
  • Fulfillment
  • The Sky is the Limit

Unfortunately, my life has often resembled more of the words listed in the first list (life inside my comfort zone), rather than the second list.

If your life seems to be characterized by the second list, congratulations!  I would bet that you’re in the minority of the population.

However, you might be someone who feels stuck within your comfort zone.

If so, I would challenge you today to begin to face your life and wherever it takes you with courage and determination.

You don’t need to stay within your comfort zone.  Start working on a meaningful goal or two if you’re not already doing so.  Begin to feel the joy of accomplishment.

Recognize that as you face your life with courage and determination, you can begin to achieve your goals and dreams in life.

That would be my goal for you with this blog.  Begin to take action on your dream today.

All the best to you as you pursue your goals and dreams in life.

I like the quote in the image below from John Maxwell, which says “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

Until my next post, have a great day.

growth and our comfort zone Face Your Disappointments With Courage and Determination

Improve Your Mental Outlook as You Overcome Depression

Years ago, I wrote down a quote that is quite inspiring and encouraging.

The quote said:

Life is a challenge, meet it.  Life is an opportunity, take it. Life is an adventure, dare it.

I’m not sure who to credit this specific quote to.

It reminds me of the importance of my own “mental outlook” on life.  We often refer to this outlook or view of life as our attitude.

Brian Tracy, in his excellent book called ”Maximum Achievement”, mentioned that people either have a benevolent, or optimistic world view, or a malevolent or pessimistic world view.  If you get a chance to get a copy of Tracy’s book, I highly recommend it.

His book is available on and is worth the investment.

In today’s post, I’d like to provide three ideas or perspectives towards life that were useful to me in this quote (along with one I’d like to add)…

Life is a Challenge, Meet It

Your response to a negative event or circumstance will determine your results in life.

This has been a difficult truth for me to accept or follow.

Do you tend to take responsibility for your own emotions, reactions, and responses in life?  Or do you tend to “shirk” or avoid this responsibility, and instead base your mood and well-being on the behaviour of others?

If you battle with depression, chances are that you think about past regrets, the things you lack, or any problems that you are facing.

I like an image (which I had previously saved on this site) called “Be Thankful”

The statements in this image inspire gratitude.  You can access this image in a new browser tab by clicking here.

In the fourth statement, it says “Be thankful for the difficult times.  During those times you grow.”

Are you meeting your present challenge or problem with courage and perseverance?  Or are you giving into despair?

My hope is that today’s post will encourage you to “take on” the challenges or problems you face.  That way, you will grow from the experience.

Life is an Opportunity, Take It

When we view each day as an opportunity, good things can then happen in our lives.

Contrast this approach to life with those who view each day as another set of burdens or problems.  These types of people aren’t enjoyable to be around.  I should know; too often I have been guilty of being one of them.

I started to feel depressed whenever I “re-visited” my regrets about my past decisions, the negative circumstances I was facing, or something that happened yesterday that I was annoyed with.

We can view life as an opportunity:

  • to develop new skills (doing work we actually enjoy)
  • to spend time with people we love or respect,
  • to experience personal growth and development
  • to learn something valuable from our past mistakes, errors, or misfortunes.

My view of life and my past mistakes is always a choice.  The same is true for you as well.

We can always make a wiser choice with our thoughts and the things we choose to focus on.  Hopefully, you will choose wisely.  That way, you’ll be able to live your life with less regret.

Here is an excellent quote from the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Guard well your spare moments.  They are like uncut diamonds.  Discard them and their value will never be known.  Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.

This is a valuable quote.  It truly reminds us about the value of time.

Life is an Adventure, Dare It

In the late 1990′s, Dan Kennedy wrote a book called “The Ultimate Success Secret.”  It’s a well-written book that really “tells it like it is.”

In his book, Kennedy mentions a movie action hero called “Action Jackson.”   He talks about how each of us seems to live vicariously through these heroes for a couple of hours.  Most of us then go back to our daily routine or the “status quo” – living in “slow motion” in comparison to our action hero.

Do you approach your own life with a sense of adventure?

Have you set meaningful goals for your life?  And more importantly, are you pursuing these goals with energy and enthusiasm?

If not, why not start today?

I have begun to recognize that life is going to either be an adventure, or I’ll just end up settling for the status quo.  Why should every day be the same?   Why settle?

If you want life to be more rewarding, why not start today by taking action with your goals and dreams?

In addition to the three points of this quote, I would add a fourth…

Life is a Gift

When we’re healthy, we tend to take good health for granted.

A couple of years ago, I ended up in the emergency department of a local hospital.

I never started to appreciate my health until I got sick.  It’s odd how we don’t even give our health and well-being another thought until we’re battling through some type of illness.

When I was waiting for the doctor with my test results, I looked around the emergency department at all the activity that was going on.  I thought about how much I took things like my life, my good health, and many other things for granted.

It’s difficult to remember that life really is a gift to us.  What we do with it, the way we spend our time, is ultimately our choice.

I don’t want to downplay any difficulties you may be facing.  Of course, life can be difficult, and we experience pain, failures, mistakes, rejection, and trials of many kinds.

When we start to look for something to be grateful for, our overall mood improves, and we’re able to work on our goals with greater strength and courage.

Instead of regretting things from the past, or worrying about tomorrow, why not find something to appreciate today?  Improving your mental outlook or view of life is well worth the effort.

All the best to you as you pursue your goals and dreams.

I like the quote in the image below from David Herbert Lawrence, which says “I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.”

Until my next post, have a great day.

life without regret Improve Your Mental Outlook as You Overcome Depression