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How the Value of Honor encourages Truth, Respect, and Greater Success


Today’s post concludes my series on the topic of values, which I categorized as “The Value-Based Life”.

I hope this latest series of blog posts has been valuable to you.

It’s been a challenge to define my values, but it’s been helpful as I’ve formulated my goals in life.

In order to define the term “values”, I wanted to find a really good definition for this term. defines values as “a collection of guiding, usually positive principles; what one deems to be correct and desirable in life, especially regarding personal conduct.”

To me, honor is one of the important values and is well worth defining and using as a guiding principle for the following activities:

  • goal-setting
  • our daily actions in our personal life
  • our business dealings in today’s marketplace

The above list would most likely contain many more activities.  Anything that involves an action in our life on a daily basis could be included.

To me, there are also a few benefits to living our lives by the value of honor.

The Value of Honor encourages truth

Honor is an important value- as it distinguishes between right and wrong.

For instance, without the value of honor, there is no respect or esteem for self or for society.  The laws of society are based on honor- respect for each person’s human rights.

There is another angle to how honor encourages truth.

The value of honor also helps us stay “true to ourselves”.  Do you feel that you are being true to yourself with:

  • the career you’re pursuing?
  • your daily life- and the actions you’re taking?
  • the habits that you take on a daily basis?
  • the goals that you’ve set for yourself, so that your goals are aligned with your true values?

I didn’t want to create too many lists and things to think about for this post, but these are types of “probing” questions- and are ones that are worth reflecting upon from time to time.

Honor places greater respect for self and for others

Greater respect for ourselves and for others is exceedingly valuable in life.

Without the proper respect for ourselves, as you know we won’t set goals, make progress in life, develop personally or professionally.

I had a period of time in my life where I did not live by the value of honor for myself and my own progress.  My own personal and professional progress stalled.

Living by the value of honor also helps us demonstrate greater respect for others.  It helps us bring greater peace in our homes, in our workplaces, and in all our interactions with others.

The Value of Honor helps us live successfully

I read an interesting quote some time back.  I’m not sure who made the quote, but it’s a great quote:

“A job well done brings honor to the task and satisfaction to the soul.”

For a business, honor is one of the great ethical values that encourages customer loyalty.  Businesses know that as they provide quality products, market them effectively, and deliver superior customer service, they’ll be profitable and successful.  This includes honoring their agreements, and not taking shortcuts in their work.

For each of us as individuals, we can do the same- by doing our work to the best of our abilities, staying true to our goals and our purpose, and by not compromising our efforts with the easy shortcuts I mentioned earlier.

I hope this post has helped you think about how you can incorporate the value of honor into your own life.  It will help you live life more fully as you stay true to your purpose, goals, and dreams for you life.

In my next series of posts, I’ll share ideas on procrastination and motivation – geared towards your greater success.

STC Honor How the Value of Honor encourages Truth, Respect, and Greater Success

How the Value of Gratitude inspires us towards Greater Joy and Success


The value of gratitude is one of the best personal values to develop and follow in life.

I’ve found it to be a value that needs to be developed because it doesn’t happen naturally.

There are so many benefits that result in our lives from developing and practicing gratitude.  As each new day begins, I encourage you to reflect on those things you’re most grateful for.

Greater Inspiration

If you’re like me, having extra inspiration is always helpful.  Having a journal has been quite valuable to me.  I now have a historical record of my struggles, my progress, and the things that I am grateful for.  It’s helped me become more inspired, and more motivated to work on my goals when my energy level isn’t high.

New Learning

The value of gratitude helps us learn about what’s most important to us.  This is extremely helpful.  I think it expands and widens our view of life, and the good things or blessings we’ve received.

Our lives become narrow and limited without the value of gratitude.

Since I wrote my eBook chapter on the topic of gratitude, I’ve recognized how having gratitude helps me personally and professionally.   I’ve been able to see and recognize good things that have resulted from difficult times in my life.

For example, I can be grateful for some of my previous challenges and difficulties, because I’ve experienced new learning, development and growth.  If I hadn’t experienced any difficulties, I wouldn’t have experienced these benefits- although the difficulties were painful at the time.

Greater Balance

The value of gratitude helps us also achieve more balance in life.  I think this value allows us to see things in proper balance.

For example, in the past I’ve found it easy to get caught up in negativity.  There have been many negative sources- such as the news, other people, and even myself.

Defining and developing the value of gratitude has helped me to recognize good things in my life.  As you look back you may have a list like this…

  • health
  • a creative and active mind
  • goals that motivate and inspire you
  • freedom to pursue your career and your goals

Having a gratitude list is valuable.

This type of list helps you by recall good things or blessings that you have in your life.  It refocuses your mind on the daily blessings you experience but don’t always recognize.

I encourage you to practice the value of gratitude in life.  You’ll experience greater joy, inspiration and success in your life.

My next post will be about the value of honor, which is a great value to define and develop for our lives.

Attitude of Gratitude How the Value of Gratitude inspires us towards Greater Joy and Success

The Value of Faith for Greater Inspiration in Life


Our days are often filled with new opportunities and choices in life.

I had mentioned this at one point in my latest eBook.  I had trouble editing it previously- and I ended up putting it aside.  It was a new project for me- and my faith or belief in what I was trying to accomplish had gotten to a low point.

Reflect with me for a moment back on your life.  When your belief or faith about your ultimate success is low, your actions reflect this.  It’s amazing how much our thoughts deeply influence what we ultimately do in life.

To me, value of faith can be defined in two ways.

One aspect of this value is our faith in our abilities and our goals.

In my eBook I’ve developed called, “Revitalize Your Life with 8 Lifestyle Changes”, I developed a chapter called “The Fulfillment of a Value-Based Life”.  In this chapter, I discuss 5 primary benefits of developing values in life.  I’m grateful for the chance to write this eBook, as it’s helped me to recognize the great opportunity we have in life for a type of “higher level of living” with our actions, goals, thoughts and values.

A Brief Exercise in Visualization and a New Focus

I’d encourage you then to take this day- the gift of this present moment- to develop greater faith in your abilities, your ultimate success as you achieve your goals, and in your chance to make the difference that only you can make in life.

As I take a bit of time each day to reflect upon my short-term or daily goals- and as I visualize their successful completion- my belief in my abilities and capabilities increases.

It all depends on what you focus on.  Your belief can go either two directions- a belief in your success or the belief that you cannot be successful.  The thoughts and beliefs you focus on will make all the difference in what you achieve in the upcoming moments and hours ahead.

The Value of Faith in a Religious Sense

You may have a particular religious belief system or you may not at this point in time.

Whatever your beliefs may be (of God, for example), I would just encourage you to exercise and practice your faith on a daily basis, and even on a moment-by-moment basis.

My belief is that the value of faith only has its merits if it’s exercised or practiced.  Faith is like a muscle in the body.  The muscle is only built as it’s exercised.   In the same way, your faith in your abilities, your potential, your future, and in God (if you have a religious belief system) is only built when it is exercised.

Whichever two ways you’d like to define the value of faith, my advice would be to define the value of faith for yourself and develop goals which align with this new value.  Next, daily review this new value (in the way you’ve defined it) along with your corresponding goal.  This will show you  why your goal is so important to you- and you will experience greater motivation to achieve your goal.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the value of gratitude and its importance in a life of greater joy, success and meaning.

anxiety or faith The Value of Faith for Greater Inspiration in Life

How the Value of Excellence creates Greater Success

A great value which I’m striving to include in my life is the value of excellence.

Excellence is one of the personal values that are difficult to develop.  When I consider the great benefits of doing so, I no longer want to settle for doing things in a mediocre or haphazard way.

The value of excellence:

  • Helps me create new energy and enthusiasm for my goals (as I define and develop this value)
  • Develops my new habit of setting and achieving goals
  • Inspires me to make greater progress in life

A New Defining Approach and Attitude

In Les Brown’s audio series called “The Courage to Live Your Dreams”, he talks about the difference of people who are working on their goals, and those who are not.

He mentions that the people who are not working on their goals have very low energy, and you can hear their lack of enthusiasm even in their voice.

Les Brown then went on to talk about the people who are working on their goals have a type of “glow” about them.

I think that as we define the value of excellence in life, reflect upon it, and take action upon it. We’ll create new energy and enthusiasm for our goals

Defining the value of excellence gives you a new characteristic to live up to & it’s a characteristic you can then strive to develop.  For me, it’s one of the personal values that I reflect upon and now try to follow- as it helps me achieve my goals in life.  For me, this new value has given me clarity and awareness- of how I truly desire to approach my life and my goals.

Here are a couple of important questions:

What is your approach and attitude in life and towards your goals?  How will incorporating the value of excellence help you achieve your goals?

For me, I’ve recognized that my attitude and approach to my life and to my goals is essential to my future success.

Worthy and Inspiring Goals

Do you have goals that are worthy, noble, and inspiring?

I have experienced greater motivation for setting and achieving my goals after with two key steps. First, I review them as frequently as I can (preferably daily).  And secondly, I work on a plan of action to achieve the goals I’ve set.

Once, you have both the inspiration (knowing what you want to achieve) and also the action plan (how you will achieve your goal), you’ll have a great chance of developing the value of excellence in your life.  Then, as you approach your goals with your value of excellence, you’ll be in the habit of setting and achieving your goals faster in your life.

Energy and Effort

From the outset of working on my goal, it’s really helped me to put forth the energy and effort - to take action or have a bias for action.

My advice to you in getting started on a new goal would be this: to get started today.

Putting forth the effort before knowing all the steps or having all the answers is important.

If you wait until things are perfect, you could be waiting a long time.

As I’ve started a new business, I have needed to develop habits of self-discipline and better time management. Defining the value of excellence and its benefits has inspired me to make greater progress with my goals.

My next post will cover an important and essential topic: the value of faith or belief.

How the Value of Development creates a more Dynamic Life


How is your life approach?  Are you enthused about your potential for a fuller life?

As I have incorporated the value of personal development into my life, I’ve found a source of great encouragement.  This value helps us experience greater progress, hope, and ongoing vitality.


Experiencing greater progress in our goals is highly encouraging.

It’s what moves us forward during even tough times, and when we struggle.

As I have defined my goals- both personally and professionally- I’ve discovered greater meaning and purpose in my life.  Developing personal values has helped me define the things that are most important to me.

I’ve found that starting a journal has really helped me chart my progress.

A journal helps you chart the progress you’ve made- and helps you recall the past obstacles that you’ve overcome.

Having a journal has helped me to sort through issues or problems, come up with creative ideas, and see how I’ve made great progress towards my goals as I develop personally and professionally.

New Hope

I’ve found a valuable question to respond to in my journal. This question is:

“In what ways would I like to develop personally and professionally?”

As you take a bit of time to answer this question, you’ll define what the term “personal development” or “professional development” means to you.

As I’ve defined what these terms mean to me – I have greater enthusiasm, and also ideas about the attributes, characteristics and areas of development that I’d like to work towards.

Ongoing Vitality

This is a third key benefit of the value of development.

Vitality is what keeps you motivated, inspired and energized in life.

If I’m not reviewing my goals, developing short-term plans, keeping the ultimate rewards for my goals in mind, and if I’m not living according to values that inspire me, my day won’t go well.  I’m letting life drift by.

My word of encouragement today would be this: Make the most out of each day. Discover your goals (if you haven’t done so already), and review them each day forward. Define the values that are the most meaningful to you- and review them each day ahead.  You’ll discover a new source of enthusiasm and inspiration that will help you make great progress in your life.  To me, this is part of what defines a life of ongoing vitality.

In my next post, I’ll share some valuable tips on incorporating the value of excellence in your life.

Here’s an inspiring image and quote from Winston Churchill:

COURAGE2A How the Value of Development creates a more Dynamic Life