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How recognizing your Values increases your Productivity

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My hope is that you’ve been encouraged by my latest series of posts. This post concludes my series on productivity.

I cover more of this topic on values in my latest eBook. I found it to be a helpful topic.

Here are some examples of value categories that can help you boost your productivity:


I like a couple of definitions of success.  If I recall correctly, Earl Nightingale termed it as a “progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal.”  I’d heard another definition that success is “commitment to completion”

My advice to you as you start each day would be this: Recognize If your goals are worthy of pursuing.  You’ll find that when you’re more productive, you’ll experience a sense of power and encouragement.   You’ll recognize that you have the power and strength to achieve your goals in life.

Personally, I find great encouragement as I set out my goals and achieve them step-by-step.  I feel happier as I work towards the goals most meaningful to me.


For my latest eBook, I defined Learning/Knowledge the following way:

Growing in knowledge about personal and spiritual development areas that excite or motivate me.  Some of these areas are:

  • effective communication skills (written and spoken)
  • goal development
  • overcoming procrastination
  • effective principles to make a maximum difference in the world

Learning/growth and development are keys to fully experiencing life and living up to your potential.


For this value, here’s 3 of the 4 ways that I defined this value in my eBook:

  • To make a difference in my community and world
  • To help and assist others in difficult circumstances- providing light, hope, and inspiration into their lives.
  • Awareness of the needs of my community and the world (for example, local homeless shelters, lack of fresh water in the third world- projects that I can financially contribute to).

As your tie in your values to the goals you’re pursuing, you’ll find your goals more motivating and inspiring.

My next series of posts will be on vital elements or characteristics for goal-setting success.

TODAY How recognizing your Values increases your Productivity

The Value of Productivity, Unwavering Belief and Persistence

There are times it can be tough to pursue goals. It’s difficult to keep enthused when we encounter people who are naysayers.  These are the people who say “it won’t work” or “it can’t be done, because…”

Sometimes personal doubt creeps in, and you’ll find reasons why your goals won’t happen.

I like the YouTube video I’ve included below this post.  My recent coach and mentor, Scott Armstrong, sent this to me.  I’d like to pass it on to encourage you in pursuing your goals.

To me, when facing the odds, two very useful elements are crucial to any success:

Laser-like focus

I’m sure you’re familiar with the power of a laser beam.  It’s focused and useful for many applications.  Like the focus of a laser, you’ll find that you need to have this laser-type focus with  your own visions, beliefs, plans and goals.

Here’s the application.  When you encounter others who are negative, you need to focus upon your own thoughts and beliefs about the goals you want to accomplish.

If you focus upon the negativity of others, you’ll be derailed from making progress in life, and in working on your goal.

Popular opinion is so fleeting.  It changes like the wind direction when you step outside. Keep in mind that as you work on your goals, everyone will have differing opinions.

Keep your focus and believe in the value of what you’re trying to accomplish in life.

Inspired Vision of Success + Commitment to Completion

I once heard an interesting definition of success: commitment to completion.  As you build belief in your goals, and persist in achieving them, you’ll achieve them if you keep striving.  Your goals and your life are worth pursuing, and I encourage you today to keep making progress.

Enjoy the YouTube video, as it illustrates value of having a goal and persisting towards its accomplishment.  My next post will discuss how values relate to greater productivity in life.

Increasing Productivity and experiencing Greater Satisfaction

I’ve been reading through an interesting book lately, entitled “The Success Principles:  How to Get to Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”.  I highly recommend it.

I had never seen a link or direct relation between greater productivity and experiencing satisfaction in life. Jack Canfield, the author, provides a really good explanation of the importance of taking action.

Here are a few benefits of productivity and the types of satisfaction we can experience:

Opportunities seized.

As you your enthusiasm for your goals increase, your productivity also increases.  And then, as your productivity also increases, your fulfillment or satisfaction increases.  You’ll experience less regret, along with a type of feeling of contentment.  This contentment results in knowing that you’re doing your best to reach your goals.

One analogy in professional sports is game seven of a best-of-seven series.  Players talk about “leaving it all out on the ice” if it’s hockey or as a paraphrase “giving it their all”.  Once they’ve done their best, they won’t have the sense of regret after the deciding game.

Opportunity to make a difference.

Productivity gives us the chance to make a difference. It helps you experience fulfillment as you make a difference in others lives or in your own life.

I’d like to encourage you to follow and work towards your goals, in each area of your life.  As you make a greater difference day by day in your own life, you’ll experience greater productivity and fulfillment.

The person you become by working on your goals makes goal-setting and achieving highly valuable and rewarding experience.

Boredom to Hopeful Anticipation

I recall experiencing boredom and routine in one of my previous jobs.  As I focused on the difference I could make as I create my own business, I experienced greater hope.  I thought of what I could learn, how I could grow and develop personally and professionally.

My next post will discuss productivity and facing obstacles.

Benefits of Productivity on the Mind, Will and Emotions

If you’re like me, you’ll find that as you actively pursue your goals in life, you’ll find an increase in your energy and enthusiasm.

However, it’s easy to get side-tracked along the process, as the initial enthusiasm tends to fluctuate.

Sometimes it can be tough to keep going, whenever the rewards of accomplishing your goal seem far into the future.

I would encourage you to stay productive, and keep working towards your goals.  You’ll be sure to experience the beneficial effects of productivity on your mind, your will and emotions.

The Mind

As you build belief in your goals, and the belief in your abilities, you’ll increase your personal productivity.  It also works the reverse way as well- for as you increase your productivity- and keep trying and making attempts to succeed, you can also build belief in your goals and abilities.   There will be times that you fall short and make mistakes, but these mistakes are building blocks towards success.

The Will.

How important are your goals in life?  On a grade from one to ten (out of ten), how strong is my desire and will to take action on your goals?  Is living out your dreams and achieving your goals important to you?

Here is a great quote from Vince Lombardi:

“The difference between a successful person and others in not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”

Productivity also has a valuable effect on the emotions we experience.

The Emotions

A key component of life is our emotional well-being.  With greater purpose and goals that fit that purpose, you’ll experience greater contentment and progress.  Personally, I experience more happiness in life as I make progress in achieving my business and personal goals.

My next post will be on productivity and its link to greater fulfillment in life.

Visualization’s Powerful Effect on Productivity

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Visualization is an interesting topic.  I’ve found it to be beneficial to visualize my success in a basic way that’s not elaborate.

Here are 4 elements for effective visualization:


I build belief as I visualize achieving my goals.  My productivity rises, and my energy and enthusiasm for my goals increases.

I encourage you to visualize greater success and productivity for yourself. Build upon and maintain belief in your abilities, capabilities, and courage in life to be successful in your life.


You’ll also experience greater productivity and enthusiasm for your goals- as you visualize the joy you’ll have in achieving your ultimate goals.  In other words, you’ll discover new energy for your goals as you focus on the rewards of accomplishing them.


As I visualize success, I create a greater vision for myself and for my goals.  For instance, I have a vision board near my office desk of things I’d like to have, and places I’d like to travel to.  I envision living, experiencing and enjoying life on a greater level. Visualization will help you look beyond your present circumstances towards those the goals that you would love to achieve.  For me, this vision board is a tangible reminder of the rewards for my goals.

Purpose and Action

To me, effective visualization provides a sort of “meeting”  between purpose with action.  To me, having a purpose has brought greater meaning, hope and energy into my life. You can envision living out your purpose, and that brings greater action and productivity.

I’ve heard it said that where the mind goes, action follows.  Taking action on our goals needs to be done today.  Valuing each present moment and doing our best helps us achieve the things we desire in life.

My next post will be about productivity’s beneficial effects on the mind, will and emotions.

PRESENT3 Visualizations Powerful Effect on Productivity