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Developing New Habits for Greater Success

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Welcome to my July 24th blog post.  I hope my previous posts have been highly valuable and practical for you, as you set and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Today’s post is about the essential role habits play in achieving your goals.

I’d like to talk about 3 types of habits that will help us make great progress in life.  These habits aren’t ones that I’ve mastered or completely developed.  The following are habits that I strive to develop each day:

The Habit of Setting and Achieving Goals

Here’s an important question.

Are you developing a habit of setting goals in your life?

Even small daily goals can give you a sense of accomplishment and greater self-approval.

Years back, I had the accomplishment of graduating with honors with my Business degree.

I’ve set new goals for myself.  As I’ve set new major goals (1, 3 and 5 year goals), they’re inspiring to review, as I’ve listed the reasons I want to accomplish them.  I have a printout in Word format, and for me it’s a great reference document, and as I use it, I try to visualize my future success.

I also set short-term daily goals, as I work towards my major goals.  These goals help chart my progress, and I’m encouraged to keep striving towards achieving the major goals I’ve set.

Short-term goals also make my goals seem more do-able, as they’re in smaller chunks.  It’s helped me to not become too overwhelmed.

The Habit of Developing and Maintaining a Positive Mindset

This habit can be a struggle.  I know this as I struggle with it.

But here’s a word of encouragement.  As you develop a positive mindset, you’ll reach your goals faster.

I like a quote I recently read from Brian Tracy:

“Act with purpose, courage, confidence, competence and intelligence until these qualities ‘lock in’ to your subconscious mind.”

I like to use the website as a reference.  This site defines purpose as “a result that is desired, or an intention.”

Here are some important key life areas and questions we can reflect on and answer:


“Am I developing a habit of acting with a purpose- with my desired goals in mind?”


“Have I developed strong reasons for achieving my goals?”

Goals List

“Have I developed a goals list?”

“Do I review this list each day to focus my mind on achieving my inspiring goals?”


“Am I using daily affirmations to re-shape my beliefs about myself and my potential?”

Daily Goals

“Am I setting daily goals- with a motivational reason to accomplish them?”

The Habit of Expressing Gratitude

I discussed a bit about gratitude in the previous post, but thought I’d mention it again.  It’s worth developing the habit of gratitude.

When you wake up in the morning, is your life characterized by gratitude, or by a lack of gratitude?

I read a quote one time that said:

“Gratitude is born in the hearts of those who take the time to count up past blessings.”

Part of my goals with this blog- is to help my each of my valued readers (such as you- the reader of this blog to value:

  • each day
  • each moment
  • your opportunities
  • your freedom for personal/spiritual growth
  • your freedom to become the person you desire to be
  • the freedom you have in life to accomplish the goals you’ve set

This concludes my series of posts on the topic of the successful characteristics of goals

My next series of posts for the upcoming 4 weeks will be about planning projects.  This area has been a huge help for me to achieve more and make greater progress in my life.

success Developing New Habits for Greater Success

How Gratitude helps us achieve our Goals

I’m sure you’d be able to relate to my thoughts on the spin the media can take on things at times.

In today’s world, when we read the paper or watch the news, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the bad news that we hear. Sometimes it can seem a bit draining or overwhelming.  It’s unfortunate that a lot of negative press gets printed on the front page of the local paper.

As you work on developing a new viewpoint of gratitude towards life and your goals, its almost like a light switch is turned on.  I’d like to encourage you in today’s post to work on developing more gratitude in your daily routine and life.

I was reading a quote by Brian Tracy in his book titled “Great Little Book on Personal Achievement”.  One of his inspiring quotes in this book is:

“The more positive you are when you think and work toward your goals, the faster you achieve them.”

Here are a few points or ideas on gratitude that will help you achieve your goals. These ideas can also encourage you to begin achieving goals you’ve previously set aside and also for setting new goals.

Gratitude for the past- previous lessons and learning experiences

As you know, it’s difficult when going through tough times.  Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes we need to learn things the hard way to move forward in life.

In order to make sense of some of my own mistakes or follies from the past, it’s helped me to reflect on valuable learning experiences.

For instance, when I first went to university, I lacked focus and was unmotivated.  I ended up on probation for my low grades.

It was a tough lesson, but I’d learned about the value of putting in a better effort, the value of time management, and the value of planning.  These lessons and values have helped me set and achieve new goals in life.

The painful experiences of life can create incredible value for you, if you decide to learn from them, be grateful for the lessons, and move forward with the new things you’ve learned.

Gratitude towards your life, your potential and your personal assets

It’s funny how easy it is to take things for granted.

Consider how health is taken for granted.  I had battled with a very bad virus earlier in the year back in January.  I had strep throat.  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a major illness, but it made me realize how I take my health for granted.

Now, I’m more careful with how I take care of myself.  I’d gotten away from using my exercise equipment, and now I’m maintaining a good fitness level.

Consider your present benefits and blessings in life. There are many people in the world who don’t have the opportunities that you and I have each day.  There are many opportunities to work on our goals and make a difference in the world.

Consider also your present assets.  You have skills, abilities, and personal characteristics that will help you achieve your goals, as you recognize them and develop them.

Gratitude for the fact that you can build a new future

Through the foundation of gratitude, you can build a new future with goals, new thoughts about a better life, a new vision for your future.

It is highly beneficial to journal about your accomplishments and the things you’re grateful for.  These things will help you to set and achieve your goals more effectively- today and in the upcoming days ahead.

My next post will be about the essential role habits play in achieving your goals.

How Focus creates Power to achieve your Goals

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Reflect upon the power of focus in your life.

As I typed out the last sentence, I thought about how easy it is to focus on the wrong things or upon unproductive thoughts in life.

Focus is a crucial feature of goal-setting and in achieving your goals.  In that case, I think it deserves its own blog post.

As we think and focus upon what we want in life (our goals), and we turn that focus into constructive action, we can achieve our goals and dreams in our lives.

For many years, I had lacked focus.  I had no new goals, and so I had no plans to turn these goals into reality.

I believe that focus includes determining the things you want in life.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to determine your goals in the following life areas:

  • Financial Goals
  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Physical/Sports Goals
  • Family/Relationship Goals
  • Travel Goals
  • Material/Tangible Possessions
  • Community/Service Goals
  • Spiritual/Inner Personal Development

When I went through the exercise of determining my goals in the above life areas, it was a real eye-opener to me.

It helped me determine the things I want in life, and my important goals in each of these life areas.

It’s an important list for me to review on a regular basis, if not a daily basis.

It’s also a list that I typed out on the computer.  Since I’ve printed it out, it’s been inspiring and motivating for me to review it.  In the midst of all the negativity out there, it’s also encouraging to have my goals list, and my list of reasons for wanting to achieve my goals.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up, and to focus on your feelings or reasons why you can’t move forward or to achieve your goals in life.

Here are a few things to focus on when your belief is low.  It’s important to remember your past successes- and to reflect and focus on the following things:

  • You have made great progress in your life in an important area before.
  • You have accomplished things in the past that you’re proud of.
  • You have talents, abilities and skills that you can develop that you’d enjoy using.
  • You have important life lessons that you can use to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • You’ve demonstrated the power of perseverance, resiliency, character, courage, hope and belief in the past- and you are again each new day that you’re given.

As I wrote the above list, I thought of one piece of advice I wish I had years ago:

I’d encourage you to focus upon the things you want in life, and to hold onto your belief in a great future- and to never give in to those who say it can’t be done.

Your life and your goals have incredible value.

Make each day count!

I like the image below and the quote about strength. If the words are unclear it says:

“True strength is not measured by how big your muscles are, its measured by the amount of good choices you’ve made and the amount of Victories you’ve accomplished.”

My next post will be another essential element in setting and achieving goals: the characteristic of gratitude.

l 30bd5ffb10f7473e806602d16bf7d2dc How Focus creates Power to achieve your Goals

The Value of Maximizing Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals

Energy and motivation level- those are sets of words that are easy to talk about, but difficult to put into action.

My hope is that this post will be highly practical- it’s one that I know that I need to take to heart and put into action, as much as anyone reading this post.

With that admission out of the way, let’s examine some probing questions.  The purpose of these questions will get us thinking and examining our present approach to our lives and goals.

Poor, Average or Great

As you attempt to achieve your goals in life, is your energy level poor, average or great?

I think this all boils down to how inspiring, motivating, and compelling your goals are.   If you were to evaluate how important your goals are – on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate it?

Discovering Your Rewards/Your “Reasons Why” for Your Goals

It’s vital for you to identify and visualize your rewards for accomplishment.  This will give you greater energy and motivation to accomplish the goals you’ve set.

The Penalty of Regret

Fast-forward in your mind to how you’ll feel at the end of the day.  How will you feel if you put off your goals until tomorrow?

If your goal is important enough, be encouraged to get started today.

The Joy of Accomplishment

How will you feel if you’re working on your goals step-by-step?  Capture and visualize the feeling of well-being, independence, and self-approval that you’ve taken even small steps towards your goals.

I know this works.  In building a home-based business, and learning all I can, I’ve seen my motivational and energy level increase.  You may ask “how”?

As you reflect and outline smaller accomplishments, and focus on how good it feels to move forward, you’ll experience inspiration and motivation.  This inspiration and motivation will increase your energy level, if you take a bit of time each day to review and visualize your goals, and as you do one more step.. reflect upon how far you’ve come in making progress (even small steps along the way).  It really makes a huge difference.

My next post will be about the essential element of focus in goal-setting and for achieving your goals.

Here is a brief video I found valuable – titled as “Goal Setting: How to Move Forward when You Lack Motivation.

How Discovery Encourages and Inspires you in Achieving Goals

One of the most important elements (or features) of goal-setting is discovery.  Acquire or re-gain a sense of discovery in your goal-setting, and you’ll experience greater inspiration and motivation.

I have experienced more meaning, passion and excitement for my goals- as I have defined the things I want to discover by achieving my goals.

So, by defining the things you want to discover, you’ll recognize the reasons why you want to pursue and achieve your goals.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

You’ll experience greater enthusiasm as you pinpoint the “reasons why” you want to achieve your goals.

A big part of this is defining what you want to discover in achieving your goals.

For instance, you may want to discover new rewards or skills in your current line of work.

You may want to discover:

New skills- such as better communication- better customer service skills – you can enjoy the rewards of connecting better with your customers.  If you own a business, with this skillset you could build your reputation for quality, value and service, and have more sales and profits for your business.

New creativity in your work- For example, if you’re an artist, there may be a new artistic technique or skill that you’d enjoy learning.  By learning these new skills, you may infuse or inject more joy and creativity into the works of art you already create.

You might be in school taking a business courses or social sciences courses.  I’d like to use these as a couple of examples you can use in discovering the types of skills or experiences you’d like to have- as you achieve your goals.

Here are examples of what you may like to discover in each category.  I’ve put the categories in black or bold type, the skills or rewards you may want to experience in red font.

Business Courses

With this set of courses, you may want to learn how to become an effective and profitable business owner- by building new skills in;

Marketing/product development

For example, you may have a really good instructional videos on home renovations project, such as building a deck.

You know that you you have an exceptional product, and your ultimate reward may be to:

  • help people succeed,
  • give them tools, resources, ideas or a step-by-step blueprint, and this will:
  • help them achieve their end goal, build the deck they’ve dreamed of having, or
  • give them confidence in creating or organizing a home renovation project on their own

Social Science Courses

For example, through the courses you take, you’d be able to work in this field where you are able to:

  • help others lead healthier lives
  • assist, support and encourage clients in re-building their lives, experience healing (examples of rewards you could discover in fields such as in Counseling or Social Work)

These are examples that I hope you’ll use in creating your goals.  As you create new goals, it’s motivating to discover new skills and rewards you’d like to experience. My hope is that you’ll focus on your goals and the experiences you’d be able to discover- if you follow through. This  will inspire, motivate and move you forward in achieving your goals.

My next post will be on the importance of maximizing your energy- an essential element for achieving goals.