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Ideas for Greater Focus and Productivity

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Today I’d like to encourage you to live life to its fullest.

There’s lots of information about organizing your home, work or office.

Today, I’d like to look at organizing your life from a different angle. I like to organize my time from my:

  • Goals
  • Priorities or values
  • Purpose
  • Plans

Goals. Here you might consider the following question: What do you want to accomplish? What will you be able to do as a result of achieving your goal? If you’re goal is a higher income level, will you be able to move into a new home? Or travel to the new place you’ve always dreamed of visiting?

Priorities and Values. These are the key life areas that you’d like to see the most development and progress in. For instance, you may value things like having strong relationships and having more purpose. Are you working toward building stronger relationships with those closest to you? Are you also taking time to develop goals (in your important life areas)? Have you defined your purpose? This leads to my next point.

Purpose. This is a strong determining factor in how you invest your time. For instance, my purpose is to use my creativity and love of learning in business and personal development areas of life to encourage and inspire others to reach their potential in living a life of purpose, joy and freedom.  Here’s a great quote by Brian Tracy: “Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.”

Plans. Do you have plans that you’ll find enticing, exciting and encouraging?  For example, I have short-term projects that will help me achieve my goals and dreams in life. The short-term projects may not be exciting on their own, but I keep in mind my ultimate rewards as I successfully complete them.

In my next post, I’ll share some key ways I’ve increased my personal productivity and effectiveness.

STEPS Ideas for Greater Focus and Productivity

The Value and Benefits of Greater Productivity

In the past, I struggled quite a bit with time management.

This morning, I reviewed my editorial calendar for my blog. I was quite encouraged by a random thought I wrote down.

The affirmation I wrote is “I prioritize my time and plan for success”.

I hope this gives you encouragement today to set and keep your goal in mind.. and go for it!

As I’ve focused more on managing my time effectively, I have experienced a few benefits I’d like to share today.

First, as I’ve attempted to manage my time effectively, I’ve been able to increase my productivity. I’d like to encourage you to keep your goals and their rewards firmly in mind, and make plans to achieve them. Even if you fall a bit short of what you intend to achieve, you’ll be so much further ahead with an outline or plan.

There’s a second benefit of developing greater productivity and time management. You’ll have a chance to discover the rewards you desire in life. These rewards can be tangible or intangible. For example, as you develop greater productivity in your studies or in developing your career, you’ll become a successful graduate or fully enjoy the career that you dream of working in. That’s an example of a tangible reward. As you also work at having better relationships with those closest to you- you’ll experience more joy, peace and harmony. That would be an intangible reward.

A third benefit of productivity is an increase in self-esteem. You’ll experience more excitement about achieving your goals, as you actively apply yourself and journal about your progress. You’ll also recognize your potential and abilities to live the life you dream of living.

My next post will be about the importance of organization and having a balanced life.

The Essential Elements of High Productivity

In my new series of upcoming blog posts, my goal is to help you achieve greater productivity toward your goals.

Living life fully and completely means having balance in all life areas, and in being proactive towards making things happen in life.

A major part of productivity is focus.

For me, concentrating on smaller tasks towards my major goals has been a bit of a struggle. It’s been valuable to me to change my mindset about issues I’ve had with focus and discipline.

Here’s a key question when it comes to issues we have with focus and discipline in our lives:

At the end of the day, will I live with greater satisfaction (for completing the tasks I’d outlined for myself) as I move steadily towards achieving my goals? …OR

As I look back on the things I’ve done today, do I feel regret for not having worked towards the goals and dreams that I highly value?

You can also take greater steps or strides towards greater productivity, with a couple of other essential elements: values and goals.

It’s important to ask yourself- what do I highly value? Have I defined my major goals? Have I made plans in achieving them?

Sometimes I’ve found it hard to be productive, as I’ve become overwhelmed with the task in front of me.

Breaking your goals down into smaller steps brings new clarity and focus. For me, it’s been very helpful to have my goals outlined step by step. In pursuing my goals, I have saved myself a lot of frustration and time by defining the steps I need to take.

Personally, I have experienced greater momentum in my life as I’ve increased my focus, and defined my values and goals.

In my next post, I’d like to encourage you with the rewards you’ll experience as you develop greater productivity in your life.

Achieving Success and Joy through Greater Awareness

A lack of awareness holds us back in life.

I had been unaware in so many areas of my life. As a result, I became unfocused, bored, and aimless. It’s very natural to drift.

It’s easy to “sleepwalk” through life, carrying on with the everyday, usual routine.

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming of living life in a different way? What do you truly want in life? This is a key question for you to explore and become more aware of. Do you have goals that you would love to achieve, and are you making plans to achieve them?

A life transition gives us the opportunity to re-examine and become more aware in our most important areas of life.

A life transition or life change can make you more aware about what you truly want in life, along with your values. We could also include a greater awareness of our goals and how to achieve them.

For example, as I learn about becoming a successful business owner, I’m learning more and more about setting goals and becoming focused. I have become aware that if I don’t set goals (and create deadlines for myself), I won’t keep myself accountable. Creating a new business has taught me a great deal about the person I need to become.

A life transition can also make us more aware about the things we value. If we’re going through a health crisis, we’ll find that we value things like getting proper rest and nutrition, and keeping fit mentally and spiritually. For me, I’m unaware of the value of good health until I’m struck with a bad illness.

Sometimes it takes difficult experiences for us to realize and recognize what’s most important to us, and the things that we truly value.

In my next set of blog posts, I’ll provide valuable ideas on increasing your personal productivity.

Exceptional Personal Development through Life Transitions

Today I’d like to encourage you in your current (or future) life change or transition.

One great by-product or result of any life transition is the opportunity for personal growth and development in life. You can develop personal characteristics you’ve always desired to have – as you go through any life change or transition.

One characteristic you can further develop is courage. For example, I’m both a student and a new business owner. Creating this blog and learning about how to develop a home-based business is a stretch outside of my comfort zone. There’s a lot to learn, and it’s a bit intimidating to try something new with no guarantee of success.

I’ve had to learn to be more proactive, goal-oriented and focused in my life. I have also developed more purpose and learned to be more grateful in life. It’s tough to develop these new characteristics, but in the long run, I’ll be better off in many areas of my life.

In the same way, as you develop your characteristics of courage, being more assertive or proactive, goal-oriented and focused in life, you’ll meet new transitions and obstacles in life more successfully.

You’ll then be less fearful in future life changes or transitions, as you’ve been through changes before. You’ll then remember that you’ve demonstrated and developed new strength and courage before.

If you’re going back to school or starting a new career or job, the above characteristics will help you immensely in the future.

I’d like to encourage to reflect upon the characteristics you can develop through your current transition. As you focus on the characteristics you can develop, you’ll be more encouraged and less fearful and apprehensive of new changes in your life.

My next post will be about areas of greater awareness you can gain in a life change or transition.