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Experiencing Greater Development and Progress


Today my post is on another benefit in a life change or transition… Greater life development and progress.

If I met you on the street, would you say that making progress in all your life areas is important to you?

Greater development and progress in life comes through the “hard knocks of life”.  We end up learning more in life from our mistakes, follies and through trial and error than we do through massive success.

For me, it became easy to drift in my own life.

I would drift by “just getting by” and staying in my comfort zone. In a previous job, I was doing very routine tasks and wasn’t learning anything new.  I would daydream about what it would be like to work on my own – and how I would enjoy each moment learning new things.  I wanted to be more creative with my life, strike out on my own, and start a new business from home.

As I started learning more about personal development, I became awakened to my potential for the future, and looked at the events in my life with more meaning and purpose.

I have learned to be more grateful.  I’ve also learned about the value of learning from my mistakes, and to value my time.  Investing in my present and my future is what now strive to do.

My current life change and transition is in becoming a small business owner. Sometimes, I may try out something I’ve learned, and it doesn’t work out.  I try to pick myself up after I make mistakes and fall short of my goal.

I’d encourage you to look for what you can learn in your latest life change or transition.  My next post will be on the ways you can be re-energized through your life transition.

COURAGE 1 Experiencing Greater Development and Progress

A Life Change or Transition can help you develop Inner Strength

How is your level of desire for greater progress?

Are you re-framing your thoughts, from “I can’t do this” to “I have the strength and desire to achieve my goals”?

Are you embracing your latest life change or transition, or are you feeling intimidated by the unknown and stuck?

A second great benefit of embracing your life change or transition… is discovering greater inner strength in your life.

Here are a few examples of how a life change can develop greater inner strength.

Let’s say that you’re moving to a new city, or going away to college.  It’s a step into the unfamiliar and into the unknown.  Maybe it’s your first time away from familiar friends and places you used to frequent.  Initially, you may feel a bit lonely.

But, as you embrace your new surroundings, you have an opportunity to get involved with new activities, and new groups of people.  A few examples might be joining a volunteer organization, connecting with a group that interests you in college, or participating in a recreational sports league.

As you embrace this change and step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll find people you can connect with, a cause that stirs you to action, and a new sense of confidence in your abilities to face the unknown and be successful.

Consider athletes who try out a new sport.   They discover that it takes a great deal of training, discipline and determination.  But as they persist, they experience trials and success along the way.

You’ll discover greater inner strength as you embrace your life change or transition. As you focus on your potential for strength and growth, you’ll find encouragement in facing new transitions in your life.

In my next post, we’ll discuss another benefit of a life transition.. greater life development and progress.

Hello and welcome!

Hello and Welcome.

My goal is to provide you with application, inspiration, and motivation for your success.

Your life, goals, business and personal life can become richer, fuller, and more meaningful and balanced.

My wish for you is to have great impact and success- in those things that count the most to you.

In this blog, I’ll address great benefits of making life changes and transitions, and how you can make them successfully.

New changes can be a bit scary and intimidating.  Sometimes you just don’t know where to turn or if you’re heading in the right direction.  Re-framing your thinking to more powerful thinking will move you forward.

I’ve been at the point many times where I’ve talked myself out of moving forward with a new goal or idea.

Where are you at right now? Are you…starting a new career, developing a new business, beginning a new job or relationship?

For instance, I’m starting out a new business venture.  I’m getting help with my goals, plans and business development.

My biggest struggle is “I don’t know what to do next” and “I can’t do this!”

As you re-frame your thinking to being more positive and pro-active, you’ll move forward and find new reserves of strength you never knew you had.

I went back to school for a highly intensive business degree program.

I moved forward as I thought: “I have strengths and abilities I don’t know about yet.  I will discover them and find a way to make it happen”

Overcoming negative thoughts can be tough. Thoughts of strength, power and ability helped me move forward through my challenges, and I encourage you to build upon those thoughts for future success.

In my next post, we’ll discuss another benefit of life changes… greater inner strength.